Advances in computer aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) already have dramatically changed the way some components and systems are being designed and engineering but experts suggest that as much as 40% of development time for a complete vehicle can be slashed with wider application of CAD/CAE.

The automotive industry is diversifying with improved technologies and cut-throat competition. The phase is of challenges, be it in product innovation or in mechanism functioning. Modern and innovative product designs at affordable cost and reduced time-to-market are the driving factors for the fiercely competitive automotive industry.

We maintain the competency and the capability to deliver most accurate solutions to the automotive industry’s dynamic engineering and design needs. We offer full range of design and product development services from idea generation to prototype development. 

Design Capabilities

  • power unit
  • Body Engineering
  • Body In White (BIW)
  • Chassis
  • Interior and exterior trims
  • Seating
  • foam and fabrics
  • suspension systems
  • Transmission systems

Scanning & Reverse Engineering

  • 3D scanning of automotive parts 
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Class A surface construction
  • Creating engineering surfaces (class B)
  • Styling & design modifications
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • prototyping and testing.


  • 3D scanning with high end 3D printers
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Class A modelling
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • SLA, SLS, FDM etc.


  • High end simulation services
  • Data preparation and RCA
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Efficient and fast modification in design


  • CNC’S
  • Tool design and control
  • Gauge Design 
  • Creation of work instruction
  • jigs and fixtures 
  • weldings